Share a Grin: together with Grin, we’re on a mission to help Kiwi kids keep their teeth healthy.
For every Grin Natural product you buy, Grin will donate an eco-friendly toothbrush to a Kiwi kid who needs one the most. Once you’ve made your purchase, make sure to share a photo of yourself and your product on Facebook or Instagram using #shareagrin ! Go on, share a grin!

Donated toothbrushes will be distributed via local charities and organisations selected by New World, school events and through Eat My Lunch, New Zealand’s leading social enterprise.


To learn more about the Share A Grin campaign and the story behind it, visit


Healthy Gums

The Grin formula contains organic sea salt – a natural antiseptic that keep gums healthy. Manuka oil, Propolis and Organic Calendula extracts also lend their antiseptic properties to help keep gums healthy.


Helps to remove stains

Grin have included calcium carbonate and natural xylitol, which helps to prevent stain build-up with regular brushing.


Healthy Teeth

In Vitro Research indicates Grin® natural (cool mint) toothpaste has the ability to inhibit the growth of S. mutans, an aerobic bacterium which may potentially result in tooth decay.


Leave out the nasties

Grin Toothpaste contains no sodium lauryl sulfate, no preservatives, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, no fragrance and no harsh abrasives.



Research indicates Manuka oil and propolis used in Grin toothpaste showed good potential to suppress growth of some common aerobic oral bacteria in vitro.


Freshens breath

Our active ingredients provide an effective clean, while natural spearmint, peppermint and fennel extracts leave your mouth with the minty freshness you expect after a good brush.

*Terms & Conditions Apply:

Promotional dates are 02 July – 09 September 2018. For every Grin product purchased at New World, Grin will donate an eco-friendly toothbrush to a Kiwi kid in need. Excludes 20g travel toothpastes.